Tips for Preserving Floral Arrangements

Tips for Preserving Floral Arrangements

January 14, 2023 Off By William Stoddard

If you’re tired of your floral arrangements not lasting more than three days, here are some tips to keep your flowers fresh longer.

In general, we love it when our home is a beautiful and inviting place, both for ourselves and for guests. Flower bouquets and other floral arrangements are a great addition to any home decor and add a touch of color and nature.

However, floral arrangements can wilt quickly and spoil in the blink of an eye. Others may last a few days or even weeks. The length of time will depend on the variety and the care we provide.

If you want your floral arrangements and bouquets to last longer than five days in perfect conditions, here are some simple tips to implement. Your flowers will stay fresh longer.

Tips to keep your floral arrangements in perfect condition

If you’re looking to keep a bouquet of flowers you’ve been given or bought to decorate your table, longer, follow our tips to keep them smelling great in your home.

  • If you bought a bouquet, the first thing to do is remove the paper that wraps it. Next, cut the stems diagonally, remove the excess leaves and arrange the bouquet in a vase.
  • Do not put more than 10 centimeters of water as it could drown the stems.
  • The location of the flower arrangement is important. Always look for a cool place at night. Also, during the day, there should be enough light without the flowers receiving direct sunlight.
  • You can add lukewarm water for the vast majority of plants. However, for bulbs or roses, cold water is preferable.
  • By the way, the water must be changed every day because the flowers need fresh water. If the stems dry out, it is advisable to cut off a centimeter whenever you deem it necessary.
  • If they are orchids, they do not need much care because they are very resistant. Simply cut the stem diagonally and give them warm water baths.
  • However, to keep hydrangeas longer, they should be immersed in cold water so that they “wake up” and become more beautiful and stronger.
  • If you notice that your flowers need a boost, don’t hesitate to add mineral salts, or even aspirin to the water to revive them. A spoonful of salt or sugar can also help.
  • When they are in the house, spray the flowers with a spray or throw droplets with your hands to refresh them.

How to keep floral arrangements and bouquets?

It is easy to maintain our floral arrangements once we know the tips. This is perfect for longer-term use of arrangements, or if you need flower stands like the one from this official site. Here are some steps to follow.

Clean the flowers

The first thing to do is to clean excess stems and leaves from each flower. This will give the plant more strength and energy to focus on its flower.

Also, it prevents bacteria or insects from landing on the wilted flowers.

Cold, fresh water

The idea is that the flowers always have fresh water. First, cut the long stems at a 45° angle and then place them under the cold water faucet.

Use a pair of sharp secateurs or scissors to avoid breaking the stem strands.

Feeding the flowers

Flowers need nutrients. Generally, when they have been cut from their main plant, they require a higher dose of nutrients to stay strong and healthy. So you can add an aspirin, a spoonful of vinegar, or sugar.

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