Take Away to bars: Learn more about this concept

Take Away to bars: Learn more about this concept

October 11, 2020 Off By William Stoddard

Have you ever heard of take away? Probably yes. Let’s know more about it and understand its application for bars and restaurants?

The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has imposed a series of changes in the routines and habits of the population and general.

In order to avoid agglomerations and the spread of the virus, several measures were taken by the competent authorities. Among these measures, we can mention the temporary closure of commercial establishments and restaurants.

With bars, restaurants and snack bars closed for public visitation, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs had to reinvent themselves and seek alternatives. One of these alternatives was already widely known, delivery, which is the sale with home delivery.

However, a new alternative emerged in many places, the take away. But, after all, what is take away? To find out, keep following this article!

What is take away?

Take away is a term in English widely used for establishments such as bars and restaurants, where unlike what we are used to, customers place their order and take it somewhere else. Roughly speaking, the term take away means buy and take it away or buy and take it away.

Therefore, the person who places an order in a take away restaurant knows that he or she will not be able to appreciate your order right there, but rather take it somewhere else such as home or work.

Currently several establishments have already adhered to this type of service, a practice that has everything to remain even after the pandemic.

How do Take Away snack bar work?

As we mentioned before, the idea of take away restaurants and establishments is a little different from traditional establishments, after all the objective here is for the customer to buy and take away, without consuming in the establishment itself.

This new format basically through 3 simple steps, see:

Step 1: The customer accesses a virtual menu and places his order preferably via app or telephone.

Remembering that the take away format does not necessarily require an application, orders can be made in person too.

Step 2: After placing your order, the customer can pay online through a website or app, or on site, when withdrawing the order.

Step 3: After the preparation time and wait previously defined and informed, the customer goes to the agreed location, withdraws his order and takes it for consumption at another location.

This method of service is very similar to the drive-thru of fast food services, where customers place their order and take the product without consuming it on site.

The take away is also similar to delivery, only in this case a deliveryman does not take the order to the customer, it is the customer himself who comes to pick it up!

Do you realize how interesting this new format is? The most interesting yet is that many companies and entrepreneurs are observing on it, not only an opportunity to dribble the crisis, but a business opportunity with low cost.

Yes. The costs of take away type establishments are much lower than the costs of a traditional restaurant, bar or snack bar.

The great advantage of this type of establishment is the fact that they do not need halls with tables and chairs, air conditioning or waiters.

Therefore, it is enough for the entrepreneur to invest only in a well equipped kitchen and a good service for attending and receiving orders.

How to set up a snack bar take away?

Do you like this business format? Thinking of investing in take away as a new business, or as an alternative to avoid the crisis? Then don’t forget to see the tips that we have separated for you!

Equipment and kitchen utensils: To set up a take away, you already know that you will not need an area for customer service with tables, chairs and air conditioning.

So, you just need a kitchen structured with stove, plate, freezer, pots and kitchen utensils.

If you already have a restaurant, great! Certainly, your investment will be much lower than the investment made by those who are still intending to start, after all you just need to make some adaptations.

Assemble a kitchen team: To handle all orders you will also need to assemble a team that will be responsible for preparing the orders as cooks, kitchen assistants and tinsmiths.

Besides the kitchen staff, it is necessary to have a person to attend the clients that arrive to pick up their orders.

Have an application to receive orders: With the structure of the kitchen and the team assembled it’s time to start receiving the orders, you can also invest in a specific application or website for this purpose.

There are several options on the market in terms of applications and websites for receiving orders, but you can also develop your own website or app.

Work with an automation system: In order to be able to control all orders, avoid delays and even if some order is left behind, it is important to invest in a business automation system.

In addition to providing the necessary control and organization of orders, a business automation system helps with cash control and complete business management.

Promote your establishment, products and services: Finally, to make your take away a real success and receive many requests, invest in the promotion of your products and services through the main media of your city and also through social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.