Bar Command

The bar command is a system that has been conquering more and more adepts not for less! The importance of the electronic command for restaurants and how it can be an incredible differential for business in the food industry. This technology is useful for snack bars and coffee shops as well.

But what about when the subject is a bar? A PUB? A brewery?

The answer is still the same: it is very worthwhile to invest in an electronic command or, if you prefer, the bar command, an adaptation that fits perfectly in your business!

How does the Bar Command work?

You may have already come across an electronic bar command, either by attending an establishment that makes use of this technology or by meeting a competitor.

Well, it’s very useful, for sure, because it registers customers’ orders through a code; the entrance and exit of the establishment are controlled through the withdrawal and delivery of the comanda.

However, it is not enough to simply buy commands and a machine for customers to withdraw and deliver. It is necessary to have a system that controls and unifies the whole business, directing data between each sector.

This management system integrates each part of your company and ensures that there is full compliance between the data that is used. In practice, this means that as soon as a product is sold, it will be automatically removed from stock, making it easier to control and check later.

The entries and exits are recorded automatically too, which facilitates the control of cash flow and aligns what was received with the items that left the house. Well, isn’t that right?

All that time devoted to checking, cash flow control and also stock control can stay in the past. Spreadsheets? No way!

A good intelligent management system does all this for you, without the need to keep warming your head with formulas and with the time you need to separate to take care of the management of your bar.

Managing a bar without headache is possible!

If you spend too much time taking care of the operational tasks of your bar, you’re not gaining time and money. You need to think in a more strategic way!

Technology is there to help you, and with it, you can serve your customers with much more agility, precision and quality. Check it out, it’s much easier to register customer orders in an electronic command without running the risk of mistakes than to write them down on paper.

The classic – and still very used – way of writing down orders in bars ends up causing some inconveniences that, in the first moment they don’t even seem so serious, but that in the long run cause a serious challenge to conquer your clients.

The reputation of your bar is at stake! Do you want to be known as the owner of the bar that always misses and forgets orders, or do you want to serve your customers in the best possible way?

What your competitors are doing right now

There are good bars and bad bars. If you are looking for ways to improve the technology and management of your bar, it means you want the best for your customers. Now, what are your competitors doing?

Haven’t they already gone through the same questions, the same challenges and even implemented the bar command?

All right, it may be that this technology hasn’t arrived in weight in your region yet – which represents a great opportunity – but the service, the experience and the environment make all the difference, and this is something that your competitors may have already achieved in some scale!

Attending people means taking them to what they most want or need. In the case of a bar, we’re not just talking about serving drinks. This your customers could do at home.

Now, do you know what they can’t (or shouldn’t) find anywhere other than your bar? A place to throw away conversation, have fun, forget about problems and escape a little from the routine.

A fun, playful environment, where even strangers feel welcome. An environment where everyone can feel at ease!

This is what makes a bar incredible, the possibility of providing memorable experiences, even if they only last a few hours. And when you do it well, your competitor can even try, but it won’t be possible to replicate.

Do you know why? Because experiences are unique.

Cool, but how does the bar command help you achieve these results?

It’s true: all this is part of a set of management and marketing actions. But, everything starts with an aligned planning and an impeccable control over the management of your business.

For this, you need to be sure that:

  • Your stock control is up to date;
  • You know which are the accounts payable and receivable;
  • There is time to take care of the relationship with suppliers;
  • Your team is well trained and always knows what to do;
  • You don’t delay, make mistakes or forget orders;
  • Each sector of your bar is aligned, there is no lack of ingredients or products;
  • Your clients are satisfied.

The bar command guarantees that these points are attended. From there, it leaves time and energy to take care of the strategic part of the bar and think on ways to improve the attendance to its clients.

Did you like it? Did you imagine that all this would be possible with the bar command?

So, here’s a bonus!

The electronic bar controller guarantees an extra UAU!

Bars, restaurants, bakeries and snack bars that make use of the electronic command differentiate themselves in the look, the concept and all the aspects that we have already mentioned.

The attraction of customers begins on the outside. When you stand out from your competitors, you gain an advantage over them, and with the technology of commands, your audience is calm and knows that consuming there is sure that they will not go through upsets like errors in orders and everything else.

Just remember one thing: lost commands can’t generate costs to the client. So, make sure that the system you have registers the orders INDEPENDENTLY from the use of the electronic command. After all, the codes are there for that and to err is human. Command can even be lost, but you can’t lose money for that.