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Bars are places of conviviality between people who want to listen to music, drink something and live together in a festive atmosphere.

One of the critical success factors is almost always the number of customers you can attract. It’s common to develop several initiatives to dynamize these spaces to constantly attract people.

The types of bars

There are many different types of bars, because each bar is the concept created, each one has its own motto and personality, either by the decoration of the space, the volume level of the music, the additional activities, the price level or even its size. We can therefore consider that no two bars are the same.

The dimension of a bar

The concepts of analytical accounting are added to those of marketing in this chapter, because the use of the installed capacity is important in all businesses, here it also affects the level of marketing, because entering a space “to the flies” reduces drastically the duration of the permanence of the consumers.

Thus having a space of great dimensions can affect the whole business. Of course there are always exceptions and cases where things work a little differently, depending on the location of the bar and even more on the culture/personality/habit of the people who frequent them.

Disadvantages of the business

Sometimes bars are affected by fashions, if sometimes they are in and everyone wants to go to them other times they can’t attract the number of people that make them attractive. Bars are moved by people, so the seasonality of fads is highly correlated with the results.

Advantages of this business

Selling a glass of glue at the price of a liter bottle is fantastic, selling 3 or 4 whiskies and paying for the bottle is also good. So we can see that the marketing margins are one of the factors that most lead to undertake in this sector.


As in all nightly entertainment establishments, it is necessary to have someone who can put in order someone who exceeds the limits either through excess of alcoholic beverages, drugs or simply through fights related to other aspects.

Bar Concepts

Each case is a case, because no two bars are the same. The location, the size, the decoration, the music, the prices practiced, the culture/habitants of the region, the employees are the factors that influence the success of the bar. So a bar that is a success if replicated to can be a failure.

The most frequent types of bars are: bar restaurant, bar disco and the pure bar. Each one has its own characteristics and is distinguished by the type of clientele they want to capture. There are other types of bars that are not considered in this article, because they can be compared to switch houses.


A business that I like and that I could also undertake, because I consider that they are spaces of conviviality that are needed, because the social life is not only Facebook and apparently has a very interesting profitability.