The best alcoholic beverages

The best alcoholic beverages

July 11, 2020 Off By William Stoddard

Who has never appreciated a good drink in life that throws the first stone. Besides drinking, it’s a lot of fun to learn how to create these drinks at home. Today, we list the best alcoholic beverages for you to open your mind to the ethyl universe with mastery. Shall we check them out?

First of all: why do we drink?

You drank a lot to the point of waking up the other day thinking: why did I drink so much? This is the questioning of many lovers of good drinks and happens when we go beyond the drink in the level considered “socially accepted”. We can then consider that the act of drinking comes up in several moments, such as for example:

  • Drinking in casual moments, like happy hour of work;
  • Drinking to relax, in the bar with friends;
  • Drinking for satisfaction, like a good glass of wine at home;
  • Drinking to celebrate a conquest;
  • Drinking to forget a defeat.

Usually we drink in a moment of relaxation or even to “drown our sorrows”. Regardless of the reason, we want to enjoy a good drink: be it a cold beer, a caipirinha with a balanced flavor, or a well flavored wine. However, to get the most out of this experience you need the best accessories to create new drinks.

Remember to have moderation when enjoying the best alcoholic beverages

However dear reader, keep in mind that no matter how difficult or cheerful the reason you are drinking, moderation is essential. By drinking carefully and without excesses it is possible to taste a little of each glass, that is: taste a little whisky, margueritas, pilsen beer, lager, draft, at last, a multitude of possibilities at your disposal! And this is very nice, isn’t it?

Drinking can be a social exercise and besides receiving the drinks to taste, why not learn how to create your own drinks? The practice of creating the best alcoholic beverages keeps you sober and very creative, being able to create already existing versions of drinks or even creating your own versions. What do you think about setting up a little bar in your house and start the experimentation?

Drinks you should try once in a lifetime

Having said all that, now the time has come to know the best alcoholic beverages to start discovering the characteristics of alcoholism. We have selected below a list that should be proved with time, caution and attention!

1 – Beer | best alcoholic beverages
This is a classic of any meeting with friends or bar at the end of the day, suitable for a Happy Hour. Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and its composition is made through the process of fermentation of cereals. Therefore, to be served in the best possible way, it must be well chilled, preferably, that has not been removed from refrigerators or refrigerators less than a minute before ingestion.

2 – Wine | best alcoholic drinks
Wine is a drink that must be tasted carefully, enjoying all the details of the grape fermentation and its styles. This is because this drink can be found in several formats, be it red wine, white wine, sparkling wine or rosé. In addition, it must have the temperature very well controlled, being necessary a special wine cellar to maintain the original flavor. Ah and an accessory tip is to have a good wine opener, to avoid any perrengue.

3 – Cachaça | better alcoholic beverages
It is a distillate that has conquered the world! Everyone should once try a shot of the drink. It is consumed pure, either as an aperitif before meals or even by throwing out conversation with friends. It can be a cold drink, but there is no need to take more care with its storage and it can be left at room temperature.

3 – Tequila | better alcoholic drinks
Tequilas were created to be drinks in shots and if consumed very frequently, being the only drink of the night, it can even give long hangovers to the unsuspecting. They can have many years of duration in your bottle, as long as it is stored away from the sun and humidity.

4 – Vodka | best alcoholic beverages
It has 40% alcohol in its composition and it is very common to be drunk in ballads and group parties. They are the base of many cocktails and drinks and can be mixed with other drinks to create new experiences. Like any distillate, it can be stored out of refrigerated environment.

5 – Whisky | best alcoholic beverages
This is one of the most consumed distillates in the world and can be drunk in many ways: pure, with ice, mixed in coconut water, in guarana, in short, several combinations. In addition, it is aged in barrels and is usually known to be that ideal drink for a moment of relaxation.

6 – Liqueurs | best alcoholic drinks
It is common to drink liquor after meals, since it is traditionally a sweeter drink. Besides, it can be made and mixed with fruits, herbs, seeds and strong roots to create unique flavors. It is served in small bowls and can be drunk at room temperature or cold.

7 – Caipirinha | best alcoholic drinks
It is made with cachaça, lemon, sugar and ice and it goes well on any occasion: be it at a pool party, a meeting with friends or at parties. Make the drink in mixers and have alternative versions that are created with the use of juicers.

8 – Cocktails | better alcoholic drinks
Here creativity can run wild! To create cocktails, many electroportables may be needed and also more than one ingredient to bring beverages to life that will conquer palates.

Anyway, now you have all the necessary information to create great drinks for you! In fact, you can expand your knowledge creating drinks also for your friends or even a crush!