How to set up a bar

How to set up a bar

September 11, 2020 Off By William Stoddard

Bar is any commercial establishment aimed at gathering people for consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, portions, among others. Nowadays the concept of bar is very wide, because it is no longer a corner bar with a counter that sells beer and brandy.

Today there is already a great flow of clients, as it has become an environment for meetings, meetings and social interaction.

Advantages x disadvantages

Because it is a business that includes several models, the bar venture has excellent prospects for a promising future. To win in the business it is necessary to have patience, leadership spirit and total availability for the business.

The initial investment can be low if the entrepreneur opts for a small bar model. And, this is an advantage to be considered when defining what kind of business to open.

The big disadvantage is in relation to the competition. Today there are many options available. That’s why we always talk about knowing the companies that already act in this sector, know the good and bad services, and extract the best, perfecting with your final touch.

The idea of opening a company is attractive, but it should be taken into account that around 30% of the companies close their doors with less than one year of activity. And for the bar branch it is not different, because a considerable percentage of bars close their doors before even completing two years.

There is also the question of investment, because a bar that has nocturnal performance will need to spend with security guards for the place, to offer parking, to pay higher wages due to the nocturnal work, besides the high consumption of electric energy.

Market challenge

To do well reaping the good fruits of the business, one must make use of creativity. The business requires changes at all times to suit the needs and tastes of customers who are increasingly demanding.

The fact that the competition is highly competitive ends up demanding from the entrepreneur a greater observation of the bars in the region. The goal is to attract new customers and build loyalty among old ones.

Of course, having ideas in front of such a competitive scenario is not an easy task, but keep in mind that it is the new ideas and creations that will increase the flow of customers to your bar.

Create reasons for the consumer to visit your bar:

  • Offer a pleasant, inviting environment, because it is a place focused on entertainment.
  • Invest in decoration. A well decorated environment to make the consumer stay longer in the place. But first, there must be the definition of the target audience to guide the decoration.
  • Provide quality utensils such as cutlery, plates and glasses. Take care that they are properly sanitized.
  • Use thematic resources such as music, screens, games, karaoke, differentiated lighting.
  • Train your employees in a standardized way so that they can offer services with excellence and leave the public at ease.
  • Offer alternatives so that drivers do not break the dry law. Make partnerships with cab companies. Offer rides services.

Finally, there are a number of ideas that can be created and adjusted to be differential and help gain consumer preference.

How to open a bar

Dedication and commitment are basic requirements for those who intend to open a bar. It is necessary to have direct contact with your client, and be well resolved when it comes to social relationships. Efficient interpersonal communication can work miracles for you and your business!


The choice of location should take into account the audience you want to reach, as well as details about habits, income, complete profile.

For the bar business it is interesting to be close to the competitors, because this way your business will be found more easily and quickly, which ends up making your bar the novelty of the “piece”.

Evaluate the size of the space, the localization, the access to the consumer, parking options, neighborhood, costs.

Deciding for places close to clusters such as a university, for example, can bring excellent results for your income.

If you choose a quieter location you need to have perseverance and investment in advertising to help win the first customers.


The choice and purchase of equipment to be purchased for the establishment will be guided by its type and format, as well as what is on the menu.

Main suppliers

Bar entrepreneurs need partners who understand their needs, their way of working. Not only needing to have the lowest price, the supplier needs to offer quality, deadlines, quality deliveries, promotional material, among others.